Environmentally friendly

Fijian Mahogany is a Brazilian timber that is grown at plantations on the island of Fiji. It is a beautiful and dense hardwood with a close, straight grain. Its tightly woven grain makes it highly resistant to splintering and, like Merbau, it is also exceptionally resistant to moisture, decay and insect infestation.

Fijian Mahogany is quite a durable and strong timber with a soft texture. It is a stunning material for decking and has a natural beauty, ranging in colours from a pinkish/red to orange/browns. Fijian mahogany is becoming a more popular choice for timber decking in Melbourne and Australia not only because of its beautiful appearance but also because it is harvested from sustainable plantation forests, and is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly timbers available. With its fantastic weathering qualities, exquisite appearance and long life expectancy, it is an excellent choice for timber decking in Melbourne.

As well as being a perfect timber to use for decking construction, Fijian mahogany is also used for many other applications such as furniture, panelling and musical instruments.

Fijian mahogany boards are available in several sizes, which include 70x21mm, 90x21mm and 140x21mm. Like most other decking packs, it usually comes in random lengths ranging from 0.9m through to 5.0m lengths. Some set lengths are available.

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