Excellent Virtues of Merbau

Merbau is a very dense hardwood timber that commonly grows in the Phillipines, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and other parts of South East Asia. This hardwood is a very popular choice for timber decking and is readily available within Australia. Although its most common use is for outdoor decking, it is a very versatile timber product that is suited to many other external uses, such as fencing, outdoor furniture, pool surrounds and landscape design features. Merbau is also used internally across a large range of uses including timber for flooring.

The grain of Merbau can vary, but it is usually interlocked or wavy with a coarse but even texture and it has a beautiful and deep reddish brown colour. This material is highly resistant to splintering, has minimal shrinkage and finishes beautifully with a stain or polish.

Not only does Merbau look extremely beautiful, it is also a remarkably durable timber with a ‘natural durability rating’ of Class 2 making it highly resistant to decay and insect infestation. This timber also has a reasonably high ability to withstand denting and wear and tear – with a Janka rating of 8.6 for hardness. If properly cared for and maintained, Merbau decking has a very long life span of up to 40 years and it is actually quite an easy surface to maintain. These notable features of this material make it a top choice for a timber deck.

Merbau Timber DeckingMerbau decking boards are available in several sizes which include 70x19mm, 90x19mm and 140x19mm and the decking comes in packs of random lengths usually ranging from 0.9m through to 5.0 metres long, however some set lengths are available.We are extremely competitive with our Merbau decking prices, and guarantee quality ‘A Grade’ Merbau decking timber. Call us now on (03) 9437 1612 for our best price, friendly service and expert advice.Crane truck delivery is available throughout Melbourne and outer suburbs and towns six days a week.

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