An Exceptionally Durable Hardwood

Tallowwood is a native Australian hardwood species very suited to timber flooring that grows through the coastal regions from Hunter River district of New South Wales to Maryborough, Queensland. It is a very hard and durable Australian native that is used for a wide range of applications both internally and externally.

Tallowwood has a moderately coarse but even texture and often has an interlocked grain. It is quite a solid timber species great for flooring with a rating of 8.6 on the Janka scale for its hardness. Tallowwood ranges in colour from a pale brown to a dark yellow brown and can have an olive tinge. It is a Eucalypt that is curiously free of gum veins which provides a unique look.

Tallowwood is very well suited for many internal applications and it is a hardwood that is very commonly used for timber floors. Because it is an extremely resilient material, highly resistant to moisture, decay and insects, it is also a material that is widely applied for many outdoor uses including decking, fencing, landscaping and construction of retaining walls and also the manufacture of structural plywood.

Tallowwood solid timber flooring finishes very attractively with stain and polishing, it is an easy material to work with and it is a very popular choice for hardwood timber flooring.

Tallowwood Timber FlooringTallowwood floorboards are available in several grades and sizes and this hardwood timber flooring comes in packs with random lengths usually ranging from approximately 0.9m to 5.0m plus.QDT is your Melbourne timber flooring specialist so give us a call now on (03) 94371612 for our discount timber flooring prices and any further information on any of our products. We offer friendly service and expert advice.

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