Timber floors are the ultimate in elegance and warmth for any home. Our customers are quite amazed by the natural beauty and the stylish vibe present with any finished timber floors. We offer a beautiful range of natural solid hardwood timber flooring, in a variety of colours, grains and strengths all at unbelievably affordable prices.

Choose from Several Timber Flooring Range

There are many different species available. Whether you choose the light and fresh look of Tasmanian Oak flooring for a modern and stylish solid timber flooring look, or perhaps the diversity of Spotted Gum to create flooring with an old world charm, nothing will compare to its distinctive natural beauty and durability.

Some of our discount timber flooring range includes:

A Healthier Flooring Option

Furthermore, solid hardwood timber is a much healthier flooring option as it is hypoallergenic and does not trap pollen, allergens or dust. If cared for properly it also outlasts carpet and other options by decades. Once you have chosen the type of timber floors best suited to your home and your needs, QDT staff can also assist with qualified installers to complete the job professionally.

Timber Floor Facts

Grades and Strengths

The character of a wooden floor is influenced by the species’ characteristics, which then determines the grade. Grading is a process that categorises boards according to the number and size of features present in the material, e.g. gum veins and knots. Individual floorboards are graded accordingly to reflect the overall character of any solid timber flooring, which then determines the grade of that particular floor –this can differ depending on the species.

We provide several different grades of materials to choose from, including:

  • Select Grade

    – The top of the range for that perfect timber with the least amount of features. It suits modern interior design and architecture very well, but is also the most expensive grade.

  • Standard Grade (Medium Feature)

    – Significantly more character than Select Grade timber floors as they showcase beautiful variations within the grain that, to some degree, depend on the features present in particular species. It is a very popular choice for timber flooring and is a little cheaper than Select Grade.

  • High Feature Grade

    – Similar features to Standard Grade but where the length of the features, such as gum veins, maybe longer and past borer activity maybe more evident. This grade can look quite rustic, as it is high in natural features. It is also the more inexpensive of the three grades, which makes it quite an appealing choice for flooring applications.

Solid Timber Flooring


Hardness indicates a particular species’ resistance to indentation and abrasion. Damage to timber floors may occur due to movement of furniture and heavy foot traffic – in particular, the “stiletto-heel”. Different types of species have varying strengths. The “Janka” rating system is used to measure the hardness of the different varieties of timber. The harder the timber species, the greater the resistance to indentation, abrasion and damage. It should be noted that the finishing process does not significantly improve the hardness of timber floors.

Some of the lower-rated timber floors still perform well and include species such as Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash. Their rating ranges from 4.9 to 5.5 as compared with harder timber floors like Blackbutt, which carries a rating of 9.1, or Spotted Gum, which is rated to 11.0.

Hardness & Durability Chart

Species Natural Durability Janka Rating
Pine (treated) Equivalent to Class 2 3.3
Victorian Ash Class 3 – 4 4.5
Tasmanian Oak Class 3 – 4 5.5
Australian Chestnut Class 3 8.1
Jarrah Class 3 8.5
Tallowwood Class 3 8.6
Merbau Class 1 8.6
Sydney Blue Gum Class 2 9.0
Blackbutt Class 1 9.1
Brush Box Class 3 9.5
Spotted Gum Class 1 11.0
Ironbark – Red Class 1 14.0
Ironbark – Grey Class 1 14.0

Solid hardwood timber flooring has natural insulation components and versatility. It is very easy to clean and maintain and remains attractive even after many years of use. Timber floors will add value to any Melbourne home.


Common sizes vary and range from 80mm wide to 108mm wide and 133mm wide, depending on the species, with up to 19mm or 21mm thickness.

Melbourne-wide Delivery

Crane truck delivery is available six days a week throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas.

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