A Unique Australian Hardwood

Brush Box is a very attractive large Australian hardwood that grows along the rainforest areas of Queensland and central New South Wales. It is very dense and is well known for its beautiful rich colours making it very visually appealing.

Brush Box has a fine and even texture with an interlocking grain that results in a smooth finish. It is well suited and most commonly used for timber floors, panelling and cladding. Brush Box is a moderately durable material, rated Class 3 for its natural durability, and it is a very strong hardwood with a rating of 9.5 on the Janka scale. The timber has good resistance to splintering, wear and tear, and it is free of gum vein.

With its warm and unique qualities, Brush Box is a very well suited hardwood for timber floors. It has colour variations ranging from a pale pinkish-grey through to a rich reddish-brown, giving it a beautiful appearance with a lot of depth. Brush Box is a very classy timber that with its unique properties makes it a highly sought after hardwood for beautiful solid timber flooring, and it readily accepts stain and polish.


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