Ironbark – TheDistinctive Australian Hardwood

Ironbark is a very distinctive Australian hardwood, quite appropriately named for its hardness, strength and durability. The ironbark species are divided into two varieties, which are grey ironbark (Eucalyptus paniculata) and red ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon). The grey ironbark is a medium size tree that is common to coastal regions of New South Wales and Southern Queensland. The red ironbark grows readily from Victoria, through western New South Wales and into Southern Queensland. Ironbark timber colours may have regional variations but usually range from a light grey or light chocolate brown to deep dark reds and browns, with a moderately coarse but even texture and interlocking grain.

Due to its Class 1 strength and durability rating, Ironbark is an ideal timber for all decking applications in Melbourne as well as many other external uses. It is commonly used for hefty engineering construction, retaining walls and structural timber poles. Ironbark is an extremely hard timber, rating 14.0 on the Janka scale for its hardness and has a very long life span of over 40 years, and it is also one of the timber species that meet the required parameters for resisting fire without having to be subjected to any fire retardant treatment, which makes it a great choice for your new deck.

two couches with side tables on ironbark deckingIronbark decking boards are available in several sizes including 86x19mm, 136x19mm and 136x32mm. The decking packs usually come in random lengths ranging from 0.9m through to 5.0m in length.Crane truck delivery is available six days a week throughout Melbourne and outer suburbs and towns.

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