Durable & Sustainable Treated Pine Decking

Radiata Pine is an environmentally sustainable softwood that is native to the central coast of California. It is widely available throughout Australia and New Zealand as it is plantation grown, and later treated for termite and fungal protection. This treatment gives it the equivalency of Class 2 rating for durability, making it very resistant to decay and insect infestation and highly suitable for external uses.

Radiata Pine is a pale yellow colour, but once the treatment is applied it takes on a green shade. The texture of Radiata Pine is fine but even, straight grain and knots are quite common in this timber.

Treated pine is a very versatile timber used for many external applications which include decking, fencing, retaining walls, and framing for outdoor structures and it is often used for the bearers and joists on all decking constructions. Although it is a relatively soft timber with a ranking of 3.3 on the Janka scale for hardness, it is still quite a popular choice of timber for decking in Melbourne, as it is the most cost effective.

Even though treated pine decking is a cheaper alternative, it still has a fairly long life expectancy of up to 40 years when properly maintained. Treated pine decking can be stained, oiled or painted in a range of colours to enhance the beauty of your deck and it is commonly available in two sizes, which are 70x22mm or 90x22mm.

Treated Pine Decking

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