Australian Hardwood Timber – Blackbutt

Blackbutt is a readily available large Australian hardwood that grows along the coastal areas of New South Wales and Queensland. It is aptly named because of the darkened appearance of the butt resulting from bushfire. This Eucalypt is a very good plantation timber because of its quick growth.

Blackbutt is a very strong hardwood that is extremely durable. It is one of the hardest timbers found in the lighter colour ranges. It has a Janka rating of 9.1 and rates as Class 1 for durability, which makes it a very desirable material for many external applications as well as internal. Blackbutt is commonly used for decking, framework, fencing and landscaping applications and also in the manufacturing of plywood.

Internally, Blackbutt turns out beautiful furnishings, joinery, stairs and is a very suitable and popular species of hardwood timber that is widely used for floors. It has such attractive and refreshing colourings ranging from pale creams and light honey, through to pale browns, and often has a very slight pink tinge. Blackbutt is an aesthetically appealing hardwood timber flooring option with the colours being quite consistent throughout and it has a very even texture with a straight grain. It has a beautiful finish with stain and polishing and a very long life expectancy when cared for properly.

Blackbutt Timber FlooringBlackbutt floorboards are available in several sizes and grades and this hardwood timber flooring comes in packs of random lengths usually ranging from 0.9m through to approximately 5.0m. Give QDT a call now on (03) 9437 1612 for the best price on our timber flooring supplies and any further information you may require on any of our products, and for friendly service and expert advice. Crane truck delivery is available six days per week to all Melbourne suburbs and outer towns.

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