Solid Hardwood Decking

The natural durability of most hardwoods is perfect for timber decking applications. There is a wide selection of timber species to choose from including, Ironbark, Blackbutt, Fijian Mahogany, Spotted Gum and Merbau decking. These species are all very durable and will provide a beautiful timber deck for many years to come, provided they are properly laid and well maintained.

Australia has a very unique resource in its native hardwoods and produces some of the most durable and attractive timbers available worldwide. However, we also import a number of hardwood varieties from overseas.

Add Value To Your Home

Adding a deck to a home is adding value to a home. It is a smart investment that will create a visual enhancement as well as enrich your lifestyle. Timber decking will expand a home’s living space, providing all year fun to be shared with family and friends.

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Hardwood Decking Facts

Each different hardwood species used for decking are available in different sizes and they also vary in durability and hardness.

Durability and Hardness

The hardness of a timber species is measured using the ‘Janka’ rating and it is a measure of the material’s resistance to wear and tear for decking purposes; the higher the number, the harder the timber.

The Natural Durability rating for decking denotes timber’s natural resistance to attack by fungi and insects. It ranges from Class 1 through to Class 4, with Class 1 providing the highest natural resistance. Decking timbers need to rate highly on exterior durability and are usually made from Class 1 or Class 2.

An exception is an H3 Treated Pine decking timber known as ‘Radiata Pine’. It is treated for protection from insect infestation and decay, which makes treated pine decking the equivalence of Class 2 rating for durability.

Regardless of durability, all external decking will require the application of a protective coating after installation to impart a high level of water repellence and to help prevent ‘greying’. If no protective coating is applied, the timber will not only be subject to greying, it will also absorb moisture easily and expand and contract which will cause surface cracking and checking. A well-laid deck that has been properly constructed and regularly well maintained will last for decades and look beautiful throughout.

Hardwood Timber Decking

Hardness and Durability Chart

Species Natural Durability Janka Rating
Pine (treated) Equivalent to Class 2 3.3
Victorian Ash Class 3 – 4 4.5
Tasmanian Oak Class 3 – 4 5.5
Australian Chestnut Class 3 8.1
Jarrah Class 3 8.5
Tallowwood Class 3 8.6
Merbau Class 1 8.6
Sydney Blue Gum Class 2 9.0
Blackbutt Class 1 9.1
Brush Box Class 3 9.5
Spotted Gum Class 1 11.0
Ironbark – Red Class 1 14.0
Ironbark – Grey Class 1 14.0


Sizes vary depending on the timber decking species, with widths available from 64mm up to 136mm x 19mm to 22mm thickness.


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